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To secure your privacy and security, feel free to use our ninja web proxy code to unblock blocked pages and search anonymously online. This service masks your original IP address, so all websites you access using our proxy can only see the proxy server's IP address. You can use our Unblock proxy on any smartphone that has an internet connection, including smart phones, IPADs, and tablets. Simply enter the website address you want to visit in the search bar below and press GO.

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Ninja Web Proxy is a free web-based anonymous proxy that enables unlimited surfing by offering a secure workaround to internet filters. Unlike several other online proxy, Ninja Web works for all popular streaming websites, including and You will be able to unblock all of your favourite social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, by using our online filtering bypass system. Ninja web proxy utilises 256-bit SSL encryption to keep data between your device and Ninja web proxy completely encrypted, which includes Proxy Ninja, Ninja Proxy, and Unblock pages. Ninja Web Proxy is used by users from all over the world for all of their site connectivity needs. This is due to the fact that we use 256 bit SSL encryption to keep data between your device and Ninja Web Proxy completely encrypted and stable. Simply put, Ninja Web Proxy is secure, easy to use, and supports a wide variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, Smartphones, and even Apple TV, allowing for the fast and safe unblocking of pages and bypassing of internet filters. We also have a Facebook proxy as well as a free YouTube proxy.Many of our web proxy sites use 256-bit SSL encryption, allowing you to remain anonymous when surfing the web. We do aim to keep our web proxy plugins up to date and completely operating, which includes our video proxy. NinjaProxy has been running for over three years now, thanks to the support of our users, and we plan to continue to expand. If you would like to support us, please find us on Facebook, where we are always happy to talk with users and help other proxy webmasters.