Free Web-Proxies List

Proxy sites function as a bridge between you and the website you're visiting, so the website you're visiting only sees the proxy server's IP address, allowing you to browse anonymously. is part of the ninja proxy network, which has been in service for 6 years and allows users all over the world to unblock websites, watch YouTube videos, and remain anonymous if appropriate. We've compiled a list of our favourite proxy sites that are all free to use and can be accessed from any smartphone. To provide our users with a better browsing experience, all of our proxy sites have dedicated 1GB pipes. When you use the internet, you rely on a network to transport data to and from your device. If you're a student in college,For example, during an inquiry, the web service provider (ISP) the school has provided for student use sends messages to other servers in order to return the web site results you are searching for. However, if the school's network blocks those websites, you will be unable to access the websites' content via the school's assigned IP address. To access blocked sites and networks, you'll need to bypass the controlled IP address and link via a middleman, such as a web proxy. Web proxies are anonymous servers or websites that provide you with a different or rotating IP address so you can search the internet anonymously. You can get around the blocks with the new IP address It also helps you to browse the web without disclosing your personal demographic details, which keeps you secure on public systems such as those used in educational settings.

Web ProxyPriceSpeed
Unblock YouTubeCompletely free  Super Fast
Proxy SiteCompletely free  Super Fast
Ninja ProxyCompletely free  Super Fast
YouTube ProxyCompletely free  Super Fast

How to hide my IP address

An IP address is a web fingerprint that identifies a device or network. It's your online alias. Your IP address lets people know where you are and what you're doing on the internet. Other networks make decisions based on data gathered from your IP address. If your IP address indicates that you are located in a distant country, you may be unable to access certain websites or participate in certain programmes. You won't be able to access those items at work or school if your IP address is used to filter content. However, using a proxy server to get a new IP address gives you a new online identity that is free of these restrictions.

How to use proxy sites

It's easy to use a web proxy. To connect via a proxy website or server, you must first find an authentic and reliable proxy site. A list of proxies from a reliable source, such as this one, is a great place to start. After you've chosen a proxy server, simply follow the instructions on the proxy's website. Most free proxy websites simply ask you to type in the desired URL and have it downloaded via their server rather than yours, essentially bypassing your current network's filters. Another proxy option is to buy a paid proxy server account and use it to provide yourself with a proxy IP address that you can use at any time without fear of being detected.